Early Days

Early Days

Soft and comfortable disposable pads that have an extra absorbent layer to capture the mess of accidents and also to help accelerate learning by making children aware that they have had an accident..

Dry Like Me Early Days are available to shop online for the first step in your potty training adventure...

Amazon Reviews

By R. Hooson on 25 Aug. 2014
"Great product. Really worked for my son. better than 'pull up' alternatives."

By Michela Holroyd on 29 April 2014
"Loved these and so did the little one, she seems to be more aware of being wet than with pull ups helping to encourage the potty training process."

By Sylvi on 30 Jan. 2014
"They were a great start, they gave me the confidence to take my daughters nappy off. She prefers not wearing anything at home but this has really helped out and about and stopped us putting the nappy back on."

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