My child hates the potty

potty training sos
Starting to potty train
May 26, 2016
potty training sos
My child is scared of the toilet
May 31, 2016

My child hates the potty

potty training sos

We asked our Facebook Likers to post their potty training worries and allow other parents who had experienced the same thing t0 offer solutions as part of a ‘Potty Training SOS’ series.

Here’s what you had to say…

“My little boy started potty training in march he was really good having a wee and poo in the potty until he saw what was in the potty now he cries and cries when he is doing it any advice please.”

Colleen: Use the toilet with a seat. Encourage don’t push.

Aga: My little girl had same issue. We use the toilet with seat and I let her flush it. We also say ‘bye bye’ wee or poo.

Fiona: We used the toilet instead, and laughed at the sound wee or poo made when it hit the water.



  1. Gillian Evans says:

    My grandson is over 3 and is petrified of the potty and toilet if i leave him with no nappy on he will scream the house down and will hold his per untile he is doubled over in pain he will not use toilet or potty i just dont know what to do any advice please

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